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June 6, 2007
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Halo vs. Metroid by GuiMontag Halo vs. Metroid by GuiMontag
Self-explanatory. I've been wanting to do a pic like this for a while, with the Master Chief accompanied by Helljumpers and Samus Aran accompanied by Galactic Federation Marines. It has been awhile since I have used colored pencils, so I was unsure how the finished picture would look, but I am pretty satisfied with it.

Halo © Bungie
Metroid © Nintendo
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BowChickaNipsSWAG Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Spartans n elites?
SikeMaster Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
... Halo would win, GF Troops aren't nearly competent enough.
Phathas Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014
That depends one "who" the soldier is.
example, Platoon 7 from Other M (as awful the world considers the game), Anthony is a pretty decent soldier, Strong, good aim, knows the rules , then there's individuals like Mauk and Kreatz who solo enemy platoons by themselves, and technically Samus herself used to be a GF soldier, so competency depends entirely on the individual.

Not like we actually see a whole lot of them anyway, 9 metroid games and only 2 which we see active soldiers (as in not post massacre bodies littering the floor), and not even for decent portions of the games.
it's not like Halo where UNSC soldiers they're presence is usually high up too the last 3/4ths of the game, doesn't have novels with large portions dedicated to non Spartan individuals, or even have their own dedicated game!

However, Federation power suits are probably better than ODST armor, since we KNOW it's powered armor (meaning strength enhancing) and potentially has energy shields (the GF doesn't build all those shield recharge stations for Samus, you know). though I wouldn't compare them to a Mjolnir considering how little we know about them beyond those little tidbits, but I'd wager the Mjonlir is likely a whole lot better.

Weapons would be very difficult to rate against each other, since we don't have a giant list of the GF's full inventory, only what's been seen on fairly isolated incidents and their specs even less so since we the player never get to use them. So the UNSC could very well have a weapons advantage but it's hard to tell.

The other consideration is that the GF have god damned Samus on the Their side. physical abilities and training wise comparable and even surpasses to certain degrees to a Spartan, just decked out in significantly better gear (for the time being, gotta feeling Halo's to come may change this)

SikeMaster Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014
I'm talking a standard, base shock trooper. Anthony, Phazon troopers, and Platoon 7 don't count. We're talking ODST/Base Marine AND The Chief himself vs Samus and a group of heavy and base GF troops. No phazon, no rockets (except chief and samus), and standard rifle/pistol equipment bare. The battle of variables reaches only so far.
Phathas Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014
if your getting that specific, no normal marines on the Halo side, just ODSTs.

Well the troopers are incompetent from a gameplay level (then again, so are ally AI's in Halo since they are VERY liable to kill you especially if they are manning vehicles, including ally Spartans (especially Kat  >:I ), it's the same for both series, lore tells that for GF troopers "Few can match them in combat", or in prime 2 scans indicate that.. less than 12 soldiers beat to death hundreds of super bugs to death with unarmed combat after running out of ammo.

the ODST's could very well be better soldiers, since they are Elite soldiers of humans short of any super humans (Spartan II, III's or IV's), but hard to tell, not a whole lot of depictive lore on the true ability of GF soldiers beyond vague statements that allude to it.

The other issue is weapon systems like Samus' seeker missiles or Power bombs just blowing away ODST's and Marines dozens at a time, they can be the kind of weapons that would prevent Chief from stopping Samus  in order too defend himself (via a bubble shield, Hardlight, etc). No surprise, but her weapons are just about ideal for exterminations.
SikeMaster Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014
My friend, you're overlooking the vastness of The Chief's arsenal. From energy swords, to rockets, to Spartan Lasers, to even the simple pleasures of his fists, he is unstoppable, with years upon years of experience, he was the greatest spartan who ever lived, and I was to break down his combat record:

Annihilated the flood from the galaxy WITHOUT the halo rings.
Has every commemoration medal except Prisoner of War.
Heavily decorated.
Fell from space numerous times.
Rode warthogs and an assortment of other vehicles straight to victory.
He's a god damn Spartan.
oh yeah,
and he has Cortana.

What does Samus and the GF have?
A couple of pea shooters, pop rockets, firecrackers, and suits that make Turbo-Man proud.
Phathas Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014
"What does Samus and the GF have?"
you asked.
: D

The GF? since according to you they're only allowed the GF regs vs the UNSC's elites? not much, powered armor and energy shields over the ODST's non-powered or shielded armor, but weapons of relative unknown strength since we barely seem them in use..

the "Vastness" of his aresnel, when he can only holster up to 3 weapons at a given time?
Samus has been known up too 12 weapons different weapons on her at a time (however this is not a limit, it's just the most she's found in one game), good chunk of them either having infinite ammo or 10x-20x the ammo capacity ammo for her equivilences.
Example: Halo Rocket launcher? 6-8 rckets
Samus' super missiles? anywhere from 50 too 255 too infinite (changes from game to game) 

Actually, he DID fire a Halo at the end of Halo 3, because the flood (idiotically) brought all it's might with them to the Ark to stop the Halo, had it splintered some off into random directions it would have bee far less than stopped.
Otherwise Samus has rid the universe of 4 different super parasite species, 2 of which could give the flood a run for it's money or even surpass it, stopped at least two armies large with a large enough force to match a galactic military (keep in mind the Galactic federation is a LLOOOOOOooot larger than the UNSC, they occupy most of the Milky way, and despite the games not showing it are comprised of multiple races, not just humans, btw they're bigger than the Covenant too because of this)

On average she fights and defeats more powerful foes than he does. Hunters and Prometheans might be some tough constomuers in Halo, but given Samus' weapon systems and even a normal human would have a cakewalk against them. the only Foe that could possibly defeat Samus in Halo is the Didact, but not like the chief could actually fight him in a head-on fight either (and in fact the Didact could have killed chief stupidly easy, but suffers from Villain syndrom where he decides showboating and gloating are worth risking success).

Medals don't mean anything to a non militarized character, Samus' personnel activities literally lead too saving the universe from a dire fight all of which after she quit the military.

Falling from Space < Super Sonic shoulder checks into stone and metal while traveling through magma as it's a faster impact due to speed and hotter due too speed and friction of magma.

Samus moves faster without vehicles anyway (save for her gunship, which can travel between galaxies, Halo ships can't do that because they're not fast enough yet). fans speculate based on calculations from ingame and cinematic feats with armor she moves at about 65-75 mph and a reaction time of.. 2-4 milliseconds, But this is (educated) speculation backed up with evidence, but isn't stated canon. But since her speed booster upgrade is stated at super sonic in two of the manuals, while it's active we're talking speeds up to and surpassing 768 mph, she'd need the ridiculous reflexes to handle it, so I don't imagine it to be outside the ballpark. But then there's the minor precognition that also allows her to be better prepare to dodge, Pseudo-Spidey senses for the win!

And She's a Chozo Human Hybrid, Trained from a younger age than any spartan (three years old to John's six) even without her armor she can outleap a spartan. even without armor she as a child could survive impacts that would leave normal humans a broken goopy mess (like falling off a several hundred foot cliff), been tossed through solid stone without armor for negligible damage (if any).
And for reference of Samus' physical strength... search google images "Fish Vorash" maybe about the second image. Yes, that is Samus fishing a rock armored whale out of Magma.

You mean -HAD- Cortana, before she sacrificed herself for chief, which she was going t bite the bucket anyway due to Rampancy. Otherwise even if she was still in operable condition her combat data she supplies to the chief doesn't quite compare to the data-feed Samus gains from her scan visor, Cortana is limited by the instruments in chief's suits for getting feedback, but based on her ability to scan in game she doesn't get as much detail as Samus' armor can.

Samus on the other hand? the "peas shooter" even it's basic form can blow away a cubic square's worth of material in metal or stone, cinematic have shown it to have enough punch to knock over foes as big as elites (complete with armor and super strength for added heft)
Fully upgraded? This 6 foot what beam (due to it being three beams fired in a parallel spiral pattern per trigger pull) tends to completely vaporize said Elite sized foes, ignores physically terrain (as in cover, btw she has a visor mode the lets her peer behind most walls) and transparent barriers (like shields), has penetration power than in Halo only the Sniper weapons comapre, and targets "lucky" enough to survive are frozen over in Ice that even if the opponet breaks free sometimes it causes the weapons of the foe to jam with ice, with a rate of fire of about 4-6 shots per second, infinite ammo, never overheats or needs to reload, when Charged this beam increases in all aspects (travel speed, damage, size vaporizing power, etc), but also on impact (multiple impacts possible, due to the penetration) unleashes a blast near 2 meters in size. This is her main weapon, and it's better than just about 2/3rds of the Halo inventory in power, versatility, uniqueness, .

Her seeker missile launcher completely outstripes his, Think of the Halo incineration cannon, except that all projectiles fired can home in on humanoid targets 5 times as well as any halo weapon's homing ability, the leading missile with a blast radius a fair bit larger than the Halo Rocket launcher, and the four other projectiles, in the game this exact functionality was introduce, she had infinite missile ammo (though had to reload it in a sense, stop for two seconds to "recharge" her missiles), she an fire this 5 missile shot 16 times before she needs to recharge it.

Or her power bombs
Power bombs are, at their peak in Other M with near 100m blast radius, can vaporize shielded multiple armored robots maybe 2/3's the size of a Mantis tank, ignores common materials (dirt, rock, wood, most metals, etc), beauty of it all is that they DON'T harm Samus, hell there's a method to use them to restore her suit energy.
most games she gets about 10 to 50 of these things, the most recent iteration it's infinite but a cooldown before each use.

I REALLY wasn't kidding about her having extermination weapons, it's too the point that if she's not careful she'd vaporize the GF side too in an instant.

Huh, I touched only three of her weapons, and by themselves they're more destructive had you equipped two Spartans with two of the best power weapons in the game each.

Not to mention her "armor abilities" are superior.
First point being that non of her's have limited durations or recharge periods, second point being she can equip ALL of hers at a given time, Third point the list below is just the abilities she has that counters his, it's not ALL her abilities.

Hardlight shield:  sure it's indestructable, but it's limited duration and slowed movement compared to Samus' screw attack, which practically makes her invunerable while she's flying and makes touching her more lethal than being stabbed with an energy sword. like the Hardlight shield, she can't return fire but she's at least moving faster and has an offensive method (being a human impression of an energy sword would do that

jetpack: Limited, slow flight vs her unlimited, quick and bouncy flight, 'nuff said.

Thruster Pack: her back jets can do the same, 'cept no cool down and for some reason using them quickens her cannon's charging ability, strange.

Cloak Hologram: useless against her visor, it has systems to see right through them

Promethean Vision: she's not really known for using stealth, but she's pretty well got the samething with the X-ray visor, 'cept no limited duration.

Auto Sentry: normally good set up for ambush because normally your opponet can't shoot both you and it at the same time... however with the seeker missile system she can shoot it and him at the same time without even having to look at it due too her advanced targeting systems.

Regen Field: if he had been fighting someone who doens't have near endless high powered firepower, this would have been useful. but since the majority of Samus' weapons usually end up being strong weapons comparable to Halo's power weapons with the blasts to completely envelope the entire regen field, trying to limit yourself to the field to recieve the healing benefit is suicide, not only this but it's a neutral ability, it heals enemies too, terrible thing to let Samus take advantage of due to her already overbearly high defenses.

Which brings me to the next point.
Chief's shields don't take much at all to down, even just a few bullets and POP they're down.
you might think "well, they recharge, not a big deal, right?" well, lets for the moment forget that one of Samus' weapons bypass transparent barriers (like shields). often a single explosive will instantly pop his shields, in the case of heavier weapons like Rockets or Fuel rod shots, have enough force bleed over the shield and damage or even upright kill a Spartan. explosion's like that Samus can shrugs off a near two dozen times, more if she gets opportunities to recharge her shield.
to boot her shields and armor aren't vulnerable to EMP, not weak against plasma, protects her weapons, negated friction against non physical forces (wind, water, lava/magma, artificial gravity)
Being smacked around by foes who can throw 136 ton objects can barely dent her armor (keep in mind, 136 tons is more than twice as heavy as a Scorpion Tank)

So, to summerize.
Significantly Faster, at least strong enough to match, a crapton more durable, carries more weapons, has more/infinite ammo for said weapons which are --in general-- superior, more combat appliciable armor abilities at a given time with less limitations, combat awareness (such as scan visor listing all of chief's physical abilies, weapons, defences, etc, hell even mental state, current health).

Samus and chief are not in the same ballpark for ability. John's at least a feasible person, Samus is purely fantasy in the guise of Sci-fi.
Durge1010 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Hmmmm... alot of similarity...
soulsifeblade Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
go halo
CyberTheHedgehog270 Featured By Owner May 13, 2012
Why does everyone always pit these two against each other? Chief and Samus would fight together, in one of the most incredible team-ups ever. The Hierarchs would never know what hit them, and the Space Pirates would be crushed! =D
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